The Journey Within…

Almost midway through my forties, this decade has brought unprecedented turbulence and transformation to my experience. I have expanded both intellectually and spiritually, and it has started a fire within me – a  flame that has ignited a burning desire to grow more, learn more, be more.

As I begin to open my eyes and my mind to the spectrum of possibilities before me, my heart follows suit, and unfolds its eager petals like a flower seeking life-giving sunlight. I have never felt so aware of my senses and my connection to aliveness. It is at times exhilarating.

The knowledge I seek will not just come from words, although I voraciously devour them from the pages of books, magazines and online publications. I realize that there must be a balance, a delicate yin and yang approach applied to my learning  process. At the core level, I sense that my spirit must be fed before all else, and I will honor that.

Where I am led, I must follow. And insistently, I am called to nature and to the trees that serve as my temple. When I stand with them, my own feet rooted to the fertile earth, I know that I am home, where I belong. I watch them bow and dance to the playful music of the wind, I listen to their rustling, whimsical laughter and whispered secrets, and from somewhere deep within I am reminded of all that I have ever been. I sometimes ache to sway and bend with the effortless grace of their supple branches, to give myself to the wind, to the absolute freedom and release of their tempestuous dance.

There is a remembering, a reconnecting that occurs in these moments,  a magnetic surge of powerful female energy that moves in me and through me. And in these moments, I can feel it with absolute clarity – the heartbeat of the forgotten sacred and divine feminine. It is at once the heartbeat of the great mother, the heartbeat of all women that have passed before me and have yet to be realized, keeping perfect time with my own pounding heartbeat. The gentle, measured rhythm seems to ground me. The pulsating tempo is hypnotizing, unifying, and deeply empowering.

I breathe deeply, letting the wind fill my lungs and my senses, the same air that I share with the dancing leaves. And the trees whisper softly to me that it is time…time for the magical healing ways of our ancient female wisdom to awaken. It is time for resurrection, for rediscovery and for glorious rebirth. The world is ready, we are ready, and I have no doubts that I am ready.

It is from this place of knowing that I shall begin my personal sacred journal and  journey, my rite of passage to the discovery of my own divine feminine.  If you choose to accompany me at any point along this intimate journey, I welcome your companionship, your courage, and your beautiful spirit.



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